Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inexpensive Frames

Check out the border hanging up in our playroom. Its made from our favorite childrens book
If I were a Lion
. We were looking for an inexpensive and cute way to frame each page because after all there are 13 of them! My sister-in-law gave us this great idea that she uses. (She's just innovative and creative like that!)

1. We went to Home Depot and had them cut thin (particle board like) wood. We wanted a border around each page to give a "framed" look, so each board is 1 1/2 inches bigger than the page.
2. Then I primed and painted the boards. Its a good idea to pick a color that not only compliments your walls-but also ties together all of the pictures. In my case I picked a bleuish teal color that is used on the time out chair in the book.
3. Spray on Adhesive to glue on pictures. The spray adhesive is absolutely the way to go with paper unless you are a Mod Podge fan--it leaves no clumps or residue, dries quickly and clear and well it sticks.
4. Attatch picture hanging hardware on the backs of the boards. And hang!

Wood: 13 dollars (plus I had a LOT of left over that I intend to use for other projects)
Spray Adhesive: $2.50
Primer: Had in my Garage
Paint: $7.50 (the smallest can was way more than enough!)
Picture Hardware: In my Garage

To frame 13 pictures total $23 Can't beat that!


Nicole Kingsbury said...

You are one crafty lady! You make it all seem so easy..what takes you not even a day, would take me a good month! You have some great ideas..I love see what you come up with!

Leserlee said...

CUTE! I hope you have a spare copy of that book. Or did you just photocopy the pages?

Erik & Marcie +2 said...

Love all your creativity! You need to put this blog on your family blog (like on the side by family/friends) so that more people will see it. Very cute Clarissa!

Kimberly and Steve said...

Very cute idea for a kids room-love it!

Kimberly and Steve said...

I just wanted to say, YEAH I was able to finally post a comment.!!

Carrie said...

SUPER CUTE IDEA!!! Love it!!!

Sarah said...

I might just have to steal this idea for my son's room! Thanks!