Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Garbage Pick-Up Day

Everyone is packed up and we are headed to downtown Houston to go to a splash park when I see...the garbage truck picking up...a patio set! Well...a really used, mostly destroyed patio set minus the table. Anyway I knew I could salvage the chairs and make them beautiful again. Besides I have been wanting some patio furniture for a looooong time now, but not for $500...or the $200 people are trying to sell it for on Craigslist. sounds much more reasonable!!
Only problem: transporting. The same problem I have every time I find something awesome.
Good news this time! My mom was visiting while Hubby was out of town on business and she has a bigger car!! We loaded it all up and I was excited about fixing it up!

The seats had gashes all the way through them. I thought--no problem we will just sew together some new seats--only the price for outdoor fabric is...awful $65/yard? Not what I had in mind.
So we thought about it for awhile...and my mom had a stroke of genius! We had 4 chairs-really only needed 2...So we took the backs off of 2 chairs and made them seats. This required a lot of bolting, pulling and rescrewing...but it worked! Then I taped and spray painted the chairs white!
Total cost: $6.99 (spray paint)

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