Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Snowmen Treats for Kids

While my mom was visiting, we made these cute little Snowman pops. Once we figured it out it was easy, but I made about 20 messy ones first!
(don't laugh, it could SOOoooooo happen to you!)

To start, I placed the marshmallows on sucker sticks. (opposite of how you would to roast marshmallows, through the belly--not the bottom), and dipped the circular sides in peppermint melt. Then decorated with mini M&M's. This is something that a little child could easily do, the candy melt is warm but cools fairly quickly.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

LDS Young Women Theme Scrap Belt

I just finished my 4 LDS YW Theme Scrap Belt.

(whew! That's a mouthful!)

Christmas is coming up and I wanted to make something for my Miamaids (the teenage girls I teach at church) I thought I should hurry up and post it on here, in case you want to try them out!

I followed a tutorial from Little Blue Boo. (I just started following her, and she is amazing!) Head on over! I also ordered ribbon from LDS Vinyl, (It has the Young Woman values printed on it)

This is a budget friendly project. Especially if you have scraps of ribbon lying around. The first belt took me 2 hours exactly, but once I got the hang of it I did 3 belts in that same amount of time. Its a BEGINNING sewer project. The belt shown in the picture is the one I made myself, with more pinks and green's. I get ton's of compliments on it. So I decided to make them for the girls.

They turned out so cute--(hope the girls like them)

AND...They are so versatile...
With all those colors---what wouldn't it match?!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretend Make-up for Toddlers

We recently celebrated a birthday at my house. I wanted to share this little gift with you-It was a HUGE hit, cheap, easy, and cute!

My little girl loves mommy's make-up.
What little girl doesn't?
I looked and looked for a pretend make-up set,
but all of the "pretend" ones, have REAL make-up in them.
No thanks!

So instead I went to the dollar store, picked up a few eyeshadow and blushes with brushes.
I came home and cleaned them out, and then poured different colors of NAIL POLISH in them.
Let them dry in the garage.

Worked like a charm, my girl adores it, and it looks very very real. In fact my husband always asks me if its my make-up when he see's her...occupied.

Quick tip: The eyeshadow is a little gross to clean out, I used soap and water on the first one, and on the second one I just kept it dry and cleaned it out with a popsicle stick. I would recommend keeping it dry and chipping it out. . .
Really makes you think about what is in that stuff....yuck!!