Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Cupcake Treats!

I decided to try this cute idea found on Bakerella's website. (I just LUV her--but she doesn't know it---I'm a shy reader...) It was soooo easy and FUN to make! They turned out awesome! And most importantly they tasted good too-my husband loved them. These would be perfect for a baby shower, a BBQ or anytime you ever need to bring a cute little treat!


Leserlee said...

I saw these on Cake Wrecks! Though it was a Sunday Sweet, not a wreck. And it was Bakerella that did them. I remembered when I saw the picture on the bottom. And I think the fried were made out of pound cake or something, right? So cute! Are those real sesame seeds on top? Or something else?

Stu said...

I love this. So wish I had seen this for Father's Day. I'm thinking definitely next year.

Just an idea, but have you thought of categorizing your crafts/do-it-yourselfers/finds/cooking etc and labeling them and having like an index? I just see this turning into one of those "I saw that on Clarissa's blog, now where is it?" because you have so many cute ideas. Thanks.

P.S. This is Tiffany but Stuart is signed in and I just noticed that and I'm too lazy to sign him out, copy the message, and sign myself in.

The Stratton's said...

@Leslie-yes--she's amazing isn't she? I made my fries out of sugar cookie recipie and it turned out soooo good. Those are real sesame seeds on top!

@Tiffany, That's a great idea! I will definitaly look into making that happen! lol, your p.s. cracks me up!

Kimberly and Steve said...

What a cute idea!! You are way too creative.