Sunday, November 15, 2009

Play Mailbox

My husband and I are getting ready
for a little get-away.
I know it will be hard on my children,
and even though I am excited, hard on me.

I decorated this cute little mailbox for them to open everyday,
inside will be little activities,
family pictures and little treats to cheer their day.
I hope it makes their experience a little happier.
And it turned out cute!

You can find these little Mailboxes at Hobby Lobby, Micheals, and Joanne's.
I decorated mine with scrapbook paper Mod Podge, Ribbon and Felt.

A little gift, for a little friend

This weekend I made a cute, inexpensive gift for a 2 year old birthday.
It is a watercolor kit.
I was inspired by what I saw here. Amazing...and simple!

Do you remember the Water Coloring Books,
from when you were a kid?
You paint with water and then colors appear on the page.

It was simple to do.
You need: Watercolor paper, and watercolor pencils (and a place to print) Believe it or not...I picked both of those items up at Walmart for under $6.00. I am thinking cute little Christmas girl can give to her little friends.

Cut your watercolor paper into squares the size of the book you want, I folded my paper into 4 squares and cut them. Then you can print clip art onto it, or draw pictures in pencil. I drew mine. Then take you water color pencils and go around the borders of the picture, and color in lightly. Ta-Da! Include a few little paintbrushes in an envelope...super cute. Here are some of the pictures I made:I am planning on making a BLUES CLUES book for my daughters birthday.

30 Days of Thanks, A November Calendar

I just finished this really big project, and the month of November is 1/2 over!!
Ah...well, there are many years left to enjoy it...and tie a big Orange Ribbon on top!

I think family traditions are a really big deal.
I love them and I want my children to have them, but I am still trying to find the ones that fit our family. When I came across this advent calendar, I knew I had to make one. I altered it a little to make it my own. So happy with it...even if it is a little lopsided!

I call it my "30 Days of Thanks", inside each pocket are little laminated cards, with a picture (for the little ones) and an activity to show gratitude. For example: I am thankful for Grandparents, make a special letter to sent to your Grandparents. You can find ideas for the pockets HERE.

I bought a 1/2 yard of felt, and attached 30 pockets out of scrap peices of fabric. The numbers are on felt, and I sewed them on but they could easily be hot glued on too. I used fabric paint and a stencil to do the "Give thanks". You can make your own stencil by printing and cutting out the phrase on regular printer paper. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents. This entire project cost me $4.00...and I am anticipating the many happy memories it will bring.

I am hoping it will inspire our little family to be noticing all of our blessings during this month.
And know...that the whole time I will be thankful for spending time with my most precious gifts, a little boy and girl.

Happy Upcoming Thanksgiving!