Saturday, June 6, 2009

Framing the Builder Mirror

I have seen this project done all over bloggy world and decided to give it a go myself!
My fireplace needed something BIG, and I loved how the previous owners had a mirror hanging there. The project itself was super easy-not as cheap as I expected--but still not expensive either-and a really great deal for a PRETTY and BIG mirror with a frame. I think the toughest part of the whole thing was dragging my 2 babies to Home Depot while my husband cut the boards for me. We simply measured the mirror, picked out the boards in the molding section of Home Depot, and cut them into appropriate sizes. At home we simply applyed the glue-and let it seal the wood to the mirror. Easy Peasy. A few people at the store recommended using Liquid Nails as the adhesive. and its holding up well! My mirror got cracked when it was being "handled" and so I had to come up with some spontaneous "decorating" to cheer it up. My next dilemna is hanging it on the brick fireplace...its ridiculously heavy...any suggestions?

Cost of Mirror: $5.00 to a friend who had it laying in her garage.
Cost of Molding: approximately $18.00
Glue at Home Depot: $3.00
Scrap Paper: found in my craft room
Letter S: $0.75 and covered with fabric from my craft room


Leserlee said...

Looks great. As for hanging suggestions. Just leave it like it is. I think it looks good.

The Stratton's said...

Thanks Leslie---think that's what will happen out of lack of desire to hang it

The Editor said...

Oh, I do love this! We have a few big old mirrors in the garage that used to be glued to the bathroom walls. I'm going to try to frame one; see how it turns out before moving on...

LOVE your site. The hamburger cupcakes are the cutest! Still looking for the pegboard idea, but I'm only at the beginning of my Pretty Please explorations!