Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello Gorgeous!

I want you all to meet the most beautiful treasure I found at our local thrift store.
She was burried under smelly junk. No, really-she was. (someone please tell me why they don't spray some febreeze!) I spotted her from across the store and knew she had to be mine...even when we couldn't pry her open to check her insides-I knew that whatever she came as I could fix. Kudos to my husband who bravely tried to bargain down the cashier. I was proud of him, even if she looked at him like he was a lunatic and said "..uh we don't bargain prices..." That's ok. $10 for the most beautiful toy/blanket/storage chest? Sold. I haven't decided on what direction I am going to take the transformation...but stay tuned. Its sure to be good.

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