Sunday, May 24, 2009

Floral Window Treatments

I made these cute floral window treatments to dress up the windows in my living room a little bit. It was super easy to do and I made the arrangements myself-Of course my dear husband hung them up for me--(I hate hanging things above my head!) If you are looking to make something like this--the big flowers end up looking the best, they have more "bang" and are usually more detailed and draw the eye. Love it!
The Cost of this project was:
The baskets were 50% off at Hobby Lobby and came to $4.00 each
The Flowers (also 50% off) came to around 10.00
Styrofoam adjuster was .75 cents
Total cost: came to $10 a basket.

It didn't end up being as cheap as I was hoping for--I think I picked some more expensive floral sticks...but it was definitely cheaper than purchasing the pre-made arrangements. I love Hobby Lobby. The first time I went I think I drooled a little...but there is no need to buy anything there at full price. If you are patient the price will come down for you, I promise. The sales there rock!

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Carrie said...

awesome idea! love it!