Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Bag

We needed a library bag for books. After scavenging the house in search of something to use, I decided to make one out of an old tank-top that I no longer use. I love repurposing, and I've seen lots of cute things made out of "old"stuff. This project couldn't have been easier. If you can sew a simple straight stitch-you can make this bag.

Simply turn the tank top inside out and sew a straight line across the bottom edge of the tank top. Then flip back right side out. Viola! Its done.Its a really stretchy bag so it will hole books of all sizes and perfectly hangs on my stroller handle. I thought that it needed a little something so I cut out the words "I love books" from blue felt. and sewed it on the front.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

That is an awesome idea!! Look at you miss crafty!! I am totally with you, it would be awesome to live closer. I don't have any crafty friends and my dear hubby doesn't really care about crafts.