Sunday, February 28, 2010

Window cushions and book shelves

(After Picture)

I love window seats. When I saw the window in this room of our house, I knew it had to be my daughters room. I love the idea of reading books with the sun peaking through the blinds.
This window needed a little girly-ing up, so I got to work.I made these cushions for her window. I couldn't find a pattern or tutorial on-line or anyone who might be able to show me---so I made it up myself. I wish I would have made instructions as I went a long. Truthfully I couldn't tell you how I made it even if I tried!

I thought it needed a few cute little pillows for the sides, and my daughter agreed. In fact she helped me make them. She stuffed them herself and was SO proud. I literally used 2 dollar dish towels from the dollar section at Target. They are so easy to make!
My husband helped me with the slot shelves for her room. Before children learn to read they choose books based on the front of the cover instead of the side binding. That's why little kids dump all their books on the floor in pursuit of the "kitty" book. They need to see the front. So I wanted some sturdy library style shelves and a fraction of the cost. For the wood and brackets to install it, I payed around $13.00 for both shelves. We measured and cut the wood, painted and hung! (Email me for more elaborate details on this project.) Later I decided it needed a little more color and hand painted the flower design. Its a huge hit with my kids, and so much easier to keep organized.


Aunt LoLo said...

So cool!!!!

Ming Wai and Siu Jeun have amassed SO many books...they're each going to need their own bookshelves in their room. :-p (If I get the chance, I'd buy a book or a ball over almost anything else for them. LOL)

Angela & Joe Stair said...

My goodness! You are so talented! way to go crafty mommy! I'm so copying you all the time now! LOL!

Leserlee said...

Gorgeous. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's about time :P
I'm glad you posted this! I'd really like to know what you used for the far as cushions go!?? The bookshelves are creative too! I've seen a tutorial out there of something similar that I saved. Man, I need my own house!
P.S. I love throw pillows and I'm always on the search for cheap cute fabric to make them with. Dish towels? Good idea!

-Nicole...the one and only :)

Kimberly and Steve said...

Very cute idea! I love the shelves.