Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tinkerbell Slippers Tutorial

TinkerBell Slippers Instructions

Halloween is a little over a month away, and so I have started getting costumes ready for my dear little ones. My almost 2 (in every way) year old is going to be Tinkerbell, with a cute little Peter Pan side kick of a brother. Costumes-are simple. I made my daughter these simple little house slippers for her costume--and she adores them. In fact I had to some serious negotiating to get them off her for bed!

Here's what you need to make your little sweet some cute Tinkerbell slippers.
1. *Fabric-enough to trace a pair of your child's' shoes on
2. Corded Elastic
3.White Pom Poms ($1.20 at Hobby Lobby)
*You will also need coordinating thread/a sewing machine.

*Any type of fabric will do, depending on how you would like the slippers to be used. I used a regular cotton blend because I was trying out the pattern and was just hoping for a shoe slipcover to be worn one time only. Now that they are a hit, I am going to make another softer pair for her. Get Started.

1. Lay out your fabric. Place the shoes on, and trace the shoe adding about 2 inches on every side. This does not have to be exact, it will not be noticeable if one side is a little shorter--so don't stress about perfecting it.

2. Cut out shoe pattern.

3. Edge the pattern (simply sew around the little fabric piece in a zigzag stitch) This will keep your fabric from fraying, and keep your shoes from falling apart.

4. Fold the fabric in 1/2 inch and pin. This is the most challenging part of the project. Just as if you were sewing an elastic waste band on a skirt or hemming--you want to use a straight stitch and leave an opening to thread the elastic through.

5. Glue/Hand stitch your fluffy little pom pom to the top of the slipper. If you are making a Disney princess slipper other than Tinkerbell-you can put a princess sticker on cardboard and glue/stitch to the shoe. This works well for Snow White and Belle.

If you want your shoe to be a little more sturdy, you can add a thick fabric covered piece of cardboard to the bottom. Otherwise those little shoes are perfect for your little princess to tink around the house in.

Sorry there aren't more pictures. I will add more with the next pair I make, and maybe bribe my foot model with goldfish crackers.


Katie said...

Super cute! I wish I could have had this last year. My kiddies were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan ! They were so cute as will your kids will be this year.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oooh..I think I just scrapped my entire Halloween plan! BBJ would ADORE a Tinkerbell costume! No more kitty kat and fireman for us! No sir! LOL

Anonymous said...

Those are SO cute! Addie would love some! I'll have to try them!

Heather said...

These are so cute! You are super creative!